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About Us

MimiNice Care/Nice Maid was started in 1993 by my mother Beatrice, a hardworking and ambitious woman whose entrepreneurial dream was to provide a highly personalized service that gave customers a feeling of being cared for in their own home.

In its early days, the business focused on the emerging condo market along the shores of Lake Ontario. Naturally, she started small but very soon, through reputation and word of mouth, the business grew and we now serve customers all over the GTA.

With a touch of Spanish humour and charm she created a loyal customer base that appreciated being cared for in a unique and personal way.

Throughout the years her children would jump in to help when we could. We could always see that our mother was building something that we were all proud of and in our hearts knew, when the time came, one or all of us would take the business over and continue her legacy.

In 2006 Beatrice passed away and the torch was passed to her children.

As a business woman and mother of 3 children I am proud to continue my mother's legacy. We still have customers from the very earliest days of Nice Maid/NiceCare, which speaks to the quality of relationships we build with every customer. Word of mouth continues to be our best marketing tool. People know we care and they are happy to pass along compliments to their friends.

I can't speak about Nice Care Living without mentioning the amazing women who clean your home. I hand pick these loyal and dedicated women and men. They work for Nice Care Living because they love that the business strives to be different from the competition and recognize that I respect and value the work ethic they bring to their jobs.

And finally thank you to all our dedicated customers and friends. We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you!

~ Mimi