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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you bonded and insured?

Our insurance is the best available. We're not "just" bonded, but have liability, crime and employee accident coverage. Your home, our team members and Nice Care Living® Services are included in the coverage.

What if something in my home gets broken? What is Nice Care livings policy?

Nice Care Living® realizes the nature of cleaning requires our staff to touch virtually all items within one's home or office. We always take the utmost care to protect your property and handle all items with great care. Nevertheless if any damage/loss does occur, simply notify Nice Care Living® within 48 hours of the cleaning date. Claims placed passed the 48hrs period will not be placed under consideration.

PLEASE BE ADVISED Claims will be resolved based on the findings and determinations of the claims investigation. Proof of original value of the damaged item is also required. Nice Care Living does not guarantee replacement or reimbursement for 100% of the original cost of any damaged items. As with any insurance claim, the fair market value of the item(s) will be determined based on the date of purchase, the date of breakage/damage and original cost of the item ( proof is required). Our liability limits are set at a maximum of 5 times the cost of the service charge on the day in which the breakage/loss occurred.

VERY IMPORTANT — PLEASE NOTE: Antiques, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find items, items of sentimental value , art, cash, jewelry and electronics are not covered by our Insurance Carrier’s breakage and loss policy (which means that in the event of damage/breakage, the cost of repair/replacement IS NOT COVERED OR REIMBURSABLE). These stated items should be cleaned by the customer and/or moved to a safe location on the day of the cleaning. If these items are not moved to a safe location it is the customers responsibility to notify the cleaning crew not to touch such items

PLEASE BE AWARE: On occasion accidents can happen due to no fault of the cleaning crew, but due to the condition of the item and where this item is kept. These are accidental breakages waiting to happen. Examples would be: wall-mounted pictures not fastened or hung securely, top-heavy items with unstable bases, wobbly objects and/or previously damaged or fragile items. In light of such circumstances, Nice Care Living cannot take responsibility for accidents resulting from items poorly secured or the condition of the item

How do you access my home?

Nice Care Living® must be able to access your home to provide services. There are three choices:

  1. The most convenient: you may leave a key on file in our key safe.
  2. You may leave a key at some designated accessible place at your residence.
  3. You may meet the cleaner. If you wish to meet the cleaner, we can give you a choice of two arrival windows: between 9:00 to 9:30 AM and 1:00 to 1:30 PM. Nice Care Living® cannot specify exact arrival times.

By far, the most efficient and problem-free way for everyone is for you to give us a key. That way you don't have to wait around to meet the service team.

If I give you my keys, how are they protected?

Your key is coded as soon as it enters the office. It will be stored in a locked key storage box to which only Nice Care Living® management has access. The day of your scheduled cleaning, your key is matched to your job ticket. At the end of the day, the service team returns all keys to management who then places them back into the secured storage box. Key replacement / locksmith fees are paid only if keys are lost or miscoded. There is a $50 per location liability limit.

How many people will clean my home?

Our teams vary from job to job. Generally, our service providers work in teams of one or two. Sometimes we have teams of three or more. When more than one person is at the job, the quoted time -- which was given in man hours -- is lessened by the number of people. For example, if you were scheduled for a three-hour service and two service teams are assigned to your job, the cleaning should be completed in one and half hour or two man-hours.

Will I always have the same service crew?

We make every effort to send the same service team each time. Occasionally there may be a change in service team due to illness, day off, vacation or they may no longer work for Nice Care Living®. Therefore, it is not possible for us to guarantee the same individual/team for each cleaning. In the event of such an occurrence, Nice Care Living® will find a replacement. Nice Care Living® provides an extensive training program to each of our employees to ensure consistent cleaning techniques throughout our staff.

Are service providers trained and supervised?

All service team are trained prior to entering your home. Managers make periodic visits to homes to ensure we're meeting service commitments.

How do I pay for your services?

Nice Care Living® gladly accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard/Visa, E-Transfer Cash or Check. Payment is due at the time of service. On regularly scheduled visits, we ask you to leave payment on the kitchen countertop. A $25.00 fee is applied to all returned checks. If you use a credit card, your account will be charged the balance due, plus any fees, after each cleaning. Please be advised that a 10% fee of the total amount due will be charged for accounts 30days overdue.

What is the cost of my cleaning?

Fees are based on the size and condition of your home, that's why our pricing is completely individualized. Our more than 20 years of experience have helped us learn that every home is as unique as the people living there. We base our pricing on many factors, including the presence of pet hair, clutter and even your lifestyle. That is why we like to meet with you before quoting you a price.

Why does the first cleaning take longer?

In order to bring your home up to Nice Care Living® Standards, the first cleaning (or an occasional cleaning) will take longer so that we can give your home that deep cleaning it needs. Homes that have not been cleaned in a while or suites with pets will take longer than a regular suite to clean initially.

Is my house cleaning work guaranteed?

Nice Care Living® backs all work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning, simply inform Nice Care Living® office within 24 hours of your service and we will happily re-clean the area with which you are dissatisfied.

Should I tip the service crew?

If you are pleased with the work done in your home we encourage you to show your appreciation to your service team. Although not required, a gratuity is a powerful way to say I appreciate your work. Even a note from you, simply saying "thanks for a job well done" means a great deal.

What is the cancellation policy?

If it is necessary to cancel/skip your regular cleaning day, Nice Care Living® merely requires 24 hours of notice for cancellation or reschedule (voicemail, email are acceptable and all phone messages are time stamped for accuracy). If Nice Care Living® receives less than a 24 hours' notice, or can't access your home, it will be necessary for us to charge the full price of your cleaning. Future scheduled cleanings will remain unchanged. Please be sure to submit in writing any termination of regularly scheduled cleanings. Do not inform the service team of any changes to your schedule -- it must be done directly with the management of Nice Care Living®.

What if my cleaning falls on holiday?

If your scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday Nice Care Living® will be contacting you to reschedule your cleaning.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

We offer 2 options:

  1. We bring everything we need to clean your home. You don't have to provide a thing.
  2. We can use your products. We find some clients are most comfortable with their products and equipment. For all cleanings, we do provide cloths and dusters.

I've got a pet – are you ok with that?

Sure, we can handle pets! We expect that pets will be properly cared for by you, and ask that you keep them out of the Nice Cares' way to ensure we can clean properly. Please understand that we do not take responsibility for your pets while cleaning (feeding, walking, changing litter).

Can I hire your service worker directly?

By entering into a service agreement with Nice Care Living®, you agree not to hire a present or past Nice Care Living® staff member introduced to you by Nice Care Living® for any home-related service. If you do wish to employ such a staff member there is a referral job placement fee of $3,500. This fee is due within 30 days of notification from Nice Care Living®. If the fee is not paid, Nice Care Living® reserves the right to pursue other methods of collection.

Are you Insured and Bonded?

Our insurance is the best available. We're not "just" bonded, but have liability, crime and employee accident coverage. Your home, our team members and Nice Care Living® Services are included in the coverage.